How does it feel?

Historian of emotions Thomas Dixon continues his exploration of angry emotions. In this episode, he tries to discover how anger sounds, feels, and looks. Again, diversity seems to be the norm. Different bodies feel furious in different ways, and not all cultures have the same ways of expressing emotions. Thomas hears from opera singer Lore Lixenberg, political journalist Jo-Anne Nadler, and historians Imke Rajamani and Fern Riddell. He also introduces listeners to one of his favourite books about anger, by anthropologist Jean Briggs.

Contributors: Laura Rosenthal, Lore Lixenberg, Jo-Anne Nadler, Charlotte Rose Millar, Jerry Parrott, Imke Rajamani, Matthew Dodd, Sarah Garfinkel, Jim Russell, Fern Riddell,

The Voice of Jean L Briggs: Karina Fernandez

Extracts used with permission from Never in Anger: Portrait of an Eskimo Family by Jean L. Briggs, Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, Copyright © 1970 by the President and Fellows of Harvard College.

Image credit: Keonjuak Ashevak

Presenter: Thomas Dixon
Producer: Natalie Steed

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